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Sunday, March 24, 2013

What's at stake in this election?

There are so many critical issues at stake throughout the state in this election. The news is humming with education issues on every front. No revenue cap increase proposed by the governor combined with more private school voucher money for certain districts in the works. Act 10 is in legal limbo, tying the hands of all public employers in the state with fault lying on both sides of the aisle. In addition to these problems, closer to home, we face an $840,000 deficit next fall so far, with unknown insurance savings, unknown enrollment and unknown equalized property value in the equation yet, not to mention the final reckoning of this year's budget, which Ms. Treuden noted seems to be on track to be underspent again this year. Until they fix the phones, that is.  And that is just a glimpse of the budget challenges. Add to that a layer of increasing student achievement expectations and assessing educator and administrator accountability starting next year and this could be a year of unprecedented trials and tribulations in the district. I think that I am a person whose skills and abilities could make a difference for the board this year. I wouldn't campaign for the job otherwise. Please write VOTE on your calendar for April 2. If you won't be available, vote absentee. Act 10 is likely going to the supreme court and that race is important as well. Please let your voice be heard!

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