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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Union Question 6

Q6.     How do you perceive the support staff in our buildings and their importance to how the school functions?

Every employee group in the district provides a unique and indispensable service in the Evansville Community School District.  In most of my previous workplaces, the support staff was the cornerstone of the company. I have had the privilege of working with many of the district support staff for fourteen years as a parent, a board member and a journalist.  That experience has largely reflected my previous work experience. Many groups have been consolidated into “support staff” as a result of the Handbook development process. These people are the first ones to greet children as they enter a building. They take care of them when they get sick at school and wait for a parent to take them home. They help maintain building security as they monitor people entering the building and remind them to sign in and fetch a name tag. They are often the first and last impression new people to the district have when visiting. They provide invaluable service to our most vulnerable students. Their kindness and love for their charges is palpable. They keep the building clean and sanitary to help keep our kids healthy. They provide nutritious meals to students and staff. And they accomplish all this while performing a long litany of tasks to keep the building humming smoothly, with a “whatever it takes” attitude. This group has made countless contributions to past district success. Achieving the increased expectations set by Agenda 2017 will depend on this group’s continued dedication to excellence.

I have followed the Handbook development process and hope that the end product works to make compensation for all support staff commensurate with other area districts. I would work toward that goal if elected this spring. Through this small act, the board and the district conveys to this important group that their continued loyalty and hard work is valued.

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