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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome Lily Evans Hammann

We picked up our new puppy Lily on Saturday. She's a golden doodle baby and is surprisingly calm for an eight week old puppy. She is an "F2" cross, which I gather means her mom is a medium sized poodle and her dad is a smallish first generation golden doodle (poodle X golden). Dad has a curly ginger coat and mom has a black and white coat. She's "buff" colored, but looks like she'll have ginger points on her ears and paws. Here she is smooching my daughter!

The kids chose her name allegedly from Harry Potter's mother and daughter Lily (hence the Evans. Since we live in Evansville, I thought it was a nice touch). There's a rumor that they really named her after Lilith, a demon on Supernatural. She has already shown some signs of demon behavior like chomping with those needle puppy teeth. We have missed our sweet Winnie so much, it was nice to meet a new baby this spring!

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