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Friday, March 29, 2013

All the Signs and Fliers are Distributed! Time to Enjoy the Holiday Weekend with the family before they disperse.

Today was such a beautiful day for walking around town and distributing my fliers and signs. 50 degrees is much better than 15 degrees with a 20 mph wind for this job. Let's not even talk about being able to put the wires into the ground without my patent pending sign installation kit (size 8 knitting needles and a hammer). Thanks to all my supporters for their tireless blogging, leaflet distribution and sign hosting. I really appreciate your dedication guys and gals. So far, only one sign has gone missing out of 50. Not so bad considering some of the wind we've had in the last month. 

Please Vote on April 2nd and bring a friend with you to the polls. There's an important Supreme Court choice to make and the usual local politics to address, though nobody seems to want to run for alder in this town anymore. See you at the polls and Happy Easter!

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