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Monday, March 11, 2013

Q5 Why should the voters hire you?

Q5 Four of you are running for two open seats. Why should the citizens of the ECSD hire you? (Published on page 6 of the March 6th edition of the Evansville Review).

Thanks again to The Evansville Review for the opportunity to outline my platform to your readers over the last few weeks. A compelling reason for the voters to check my name on the ballot is that I present a complete package to the voters of the ECSD, ready to engage in board business from Day One. I have been actively engaged in board business for seven years, first as a citizen activist, then as a board member and finally as a journalist.  I understand the fundamentals of finance, student achievement data and how board business must be conducted by law. The board won’t have to spend time training me on these basics. If I am elected, that time will be used instead to immediately focus on the many challenges on the horizon, such as Agenda 2017 initiatives, the deficit, Strategic Planning, open enrollment issues and school security.

Agenda 2017 promises to revolutionize public education in Wisconsin in the next five years. I have the experience, skills and desire to help guide the district through the turbulent times ahead. I am passionate about catering to the abilities of the children in the district to empower them to reach their potential. The board must have unwavering dedication to its Vision of excellence to enable the district to lay this foundation for our children. I am fully vested in that Vision and I’m ready to help the board push toward that goal while grappling with financial concerns.  I will encourage fellow board members to complete the Strategic Plan for the district in order to realize the Vision of excellence on which so much future success relies.

I am aware of the substantial time commitment required to effectively serve on the board. My family supports my campaign for another term on the board of education. I am completely independent of the district with no financial or familial connections with the district staff or administration.  I will be able to engage in every vote without causing public concern for potential conflict of interest.  Because of that independence, I will be the advocate for your kids you expect a board member to be. I am persistent. My voice is strong and confident and I will always ask questions until I am satisfied that I have all of the information on which to base my decision. I am a hard and efficient worker. I am willing to put in the significant time and effort to do the job right.  I’ve missed less than 10 meetings in seven years, even when I was only attending as a reporter. That’s a 92.4% attendance rate and that doesn’t include the extra board meetings for committees, planning, retreats, conventions, negotiation and student expulsion hearings, none of which I remember missing. One of my great strengths is my data analysis skills, which are applicable to nearly every challenge facing the board. This adds a historical dimension to decision making that can inform where to concentrate limited resources, a consideration that has become increasingly important in the last three years.

Finally, and probably most importantly, I am a good listener and will represent the community values and concerns as I help the board direct policy that will guide the district to its Vision of excellence.  

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