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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please read Superintendent Carvin's letter

I received a letter from Superintendent Carvin today through the schools AlertNow electronic notification system. For those of you who aren't registered for this or without school age children, Kelly Gildner will print it in the February 23 Evansville Review. Ms. Carvin expressed concern about meeting the deadline for printing in tomorrow's edition, but I encouraged her to send it directly to Kelly as soon as she could after the meeting last night. I called Kelly right after the meeting and made sure she knew it was coming and to save space, even if it meant cutting my article. It is a very good letter and please take the time to read it if you haven't already.

How this has played out over time has been curious. More and more dirt is being flung about. But more information about what is contained in the Bill is also emerging. Important information that doesn't reflect any better on the gov than the union busting methods. I am not a big fan of the hiding democrats, but if their absence has allowed more information and discourse about this bill, amen to that. People need to inform themselves and vote accordingly.


Anonymous said...

I thought it sounded like a letter of doom.

Catherine said...

I agree- this bill simply has not been presented to the public in the true depth and breadth of its scope. The bit about the public utilities not being under the authority of the public services commission is scary. It basically gives the Guv supreme power over the power plants. THis happened in CA and their power costs have increased 300%.
THe delegation of Badgercare allotments to a single officer also scares me, especially since this officer seems to have more of a Christian moral bent and not a public health goal.
I can't wait to see what Walker proposes for stem cell research. It is a sad fact that the Morgridge center is built in two halves- one private and the other state funded- so that if Walker bans state funded human embryonic stem cell research, the scientists can pick up their cell culture dishes and walk them over to the private funded side,
This is a bizarre circus of the people in power hiding behind a curtain.
PS- Can you say recall election? I think it's coming.
PPS- an even scarier thought- Kleefisch as acting Guv should something happen to Walker.

Catherine said...

Oh- and about Carvin's letter- I did appreciate the fact that she apologized for any of the teachers bringing politics into the classroom.
It was also good of her to give a clear account of what happened on Friday and days preceding, as I had no idea.
I am worried a long term strikeout might be coming. We are prepared to homeschool if need be, but we are very fortunate for now that I can stay home fulltime. I worry what a long term strike would do for working parents. Even a short term would be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Why would Evansville strike? They have a new contract.

Katy said...

I think Catherine's comment was written prior to any specific knowledge regarding the contract negotiations. I'm with the press and only received verification of the union ratification at 3:30 on Feb 25th. Other districts may not have this option, which could impact Evansville. People may decide to move to Evansville to keep their child's education steady in a settled district, if you only have a few more years of high school left, for example. If the legislations is passed, it's a short 2 years to the next contract. I will still have two kids in the district at that point.

Well, gotta go cook. Later.