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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard Brain

Well, I usually don't comment on Current Events, but it's kind of hard to ignore a storm that spanned from New Mexico to New England and brought much of the heartland to a standstill. It was a scary storm for sure. When I picked up the kids at 3pm things were already getting dicey. I missed my son at TRIS and he wasn't yet home when we got home. I kind of panicked and he came strolling down the street just as I was leaving the house to go search for him.

Bill decided he wanted to plow at night as well as after the storm to "take off a layer" from the morning job. When he went out to plow, I foolishly told my daughter it would be OK to take the dog down to the corner and back. I thought the streetlights would be a good guide for her. Then the streetlights flickered off then back on. But I failed to realize how blind she would be when her glasses fogged up. Even the dog was terrified. She was completely frazzled and in tears by the time she got back to the house. She said she was at the end of the driveway and couldn't even see the house. Her dad was a bit terrified because he didn't see her come back. Neither one of them saw the other. Good Lord, that one goes into the stupid mom moment hall of fame (SMMHOF). I have a lot of nominated moments for the SMMHOF, but that one is definitely in the top three, if not THE number one contender. I am not nearly as blind as she is and would have been fine to just take off my glasses. She can't see more than 6" in front of her face without her specs. I asked her to forgive me and she did, but I suspect there will be a few nightmares in her future about that dog walk.

Apparently I am not the only person to have suffered blizzard brain yesterday. The Illinois State Patrol and National Guard had to rescue a passel of stranded motorists from various Illinois roadways last night. What the heck were they doing driving yesterday? Really, people? Two days solid of "Snowmageddon is upon us" isn't sufficient to give you pause to drive somewhere in that mess? Is it really worth it to risk your life for ANY supposed commitment you have? My vote is NO. The only people who should be on roadways then are people in need of emergency health services. I wonder how many babies decided NOW IS THE TIME with that big low pressure system moving in? All my babies were born in snowstorms, one was even three weeks early. I'm betting there are a number of new babes with names like Frosty or Rudolph or Jack (for Jack Frost or Yukon Jack). People will name their kid anything.

Of course, the forecasters aren't content to leave us in our current misery, but have warned us of future doom to follow yet this week. Oh, yippee skippee. One of our snow shovels is on its last leg so we might go get a replacement, but I'll do my usual shopping tomorrow and not worry about more snow. On the upside, the Klondike Derby should have plenty of snow for the activities on Saturday.

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