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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Skill!

Well, I learned how to post a picture on the blog today. I probably already knew how, but never tried it. Now it won't be woefully bereft of variety here. Well, it might still be, but you'll have pictures to distract you now. It's good to learn new things.

I can't comment much on the board meeting yet because I had to stretch out over 2 weeks the news I will be reporting in the Review. There was a little bit of a space crunch this week. My editor prefers that I do not scoop my own articles, so we'll have to wait until they go to print before we can discuss them here if you'd like.

Janesville is really struggling with their budget decisions. Our own district is painfully aware of the precarious budget situation and the board has shown signs of being very conservative in the face of ever dwindling state aid. Stay tuned to the Review and here for any debriefing I may do after the articles are published.

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