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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Pack is Back!

My awesome friend Mindy gave me a stadium Bundt Pan for my birthday last year. I made my first cake using it for the playoff game and posted it on Facebook. I placed only green and gold fans in that stadium, as I did for the Super Bowl Cake. I guess I was nicer to Packer Fans than the NFL was!
We had a blast watching that game. Also more food than should be legal. Most exasperating moment was when the Steelers made the 2 point conversion (REALLY? How many of those get made in an entire season boys?). Most exciting moment was when Matthews stripped the ball and forced a turnover! My husband is on cloud nine. He has stuck by the Packers for all 25 years I have known him and there have been some hard time to be a Packer Fan. I rejoice for his pure joy at being on top once again.
I want to get my husband a new gold packers mock turtleneck for Valentines Day. He said if he gets a new one that is not dilapidated he will stop wearing his even more dilapidated Bart Starr throwback jersey and begin wearing the nice new one I got for him at least 5 years ago. The holes and fabric are probably equally distributed on the beat up jersey. I can't find an XL mock turtleneck anywhere. If anybody sees one or knows where I can get on quickly, please give me a shout out!
The Pack is Back!

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