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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 7 School Board Business Meeting:Note Change in Usual Board Meeting Day!

Click on the post to view the agenda for the February 7 Regular School Board Meeting at 5:30 in the District Board and Training Room. Those of you who follow my articles in the Review may recall this change in date to accomodate Superintendent Carvin's travel schedule.

The Board will vote on whether or not to establish an ad-hoc committee to study 4K, as I predicted. Other business includes approval of new courses (college math and intro to health care) and approval of staff changes. Discussion items that may be of interest include the Buildings & Trades Houses, the High School Graduation Exercise Booklet and a summary of the 2011 School Board Convention Highlights. It looks like the board report theme for administrators is mid-year goal updates. Stay tuned to my Review article for any breaking news on these items.


Anonymous said...

Heidi Carvin's travel schedule?

What is that about?

Just how much traveling does one school administrator do?


Katy said...

School administrators attend conferences and other educational forums to stay up to date, just like teachers and other professionals. She has a conference the week of the 14th.