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Monday, August 2, 2010

Annual Meeting Postponed: Hot off the Presses

ECSD's Deb Olsen is under the weather. Every July-August, she must work with the auditors to finalize the prior year's books and she must look forward and publish the next year's budgets for the Annual Meeting at least a week prior to the meeting. For that reason, Heidi told me they have postponed the Annual Meeting for a month. The August 9th meeting should be business as usual. Deb told me that she wouldn't update the budget until she published the Annual Meeting documents, which would have been the week of the 16th. I don't know for sure, but look for it to be rescheduled to the fourth Monday in September, in the middle of the committees of the whole meeting. At least by then, they will know the 3rd Friday count, even if it will be too soon to have it factored into the budget by then. Once I know the exact date, I'll let everyone know.

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