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Thursday, August 26, 2010

And then the Janesville School District Caved...

The link is active now. Click on the post to link to the story. Poor Karen Schulte. She stands up to the good old boys and the Janesville School Board slaps her down. The Janesville school board came to an agreement with their Frat Boy principal to let him resign AND pay him a lump sum of 10 grand, as well as let him keep his insurance until the end of September, which amounts to another $2600, as well as not contesting his unemployment claim (I don't know what these costs are). All to avoid about $37,000 in legal fees and staff time to prepare, not to mention the potential appeals costs as well. This is really sad, because it sounds like there's a strong case against him. His denial in the accompanying article is so blinking lame. I'm so furious that our schools are reduced to making such deals with unscrupulous types because they can't afford to prosecute them in a court of law. If ever there was a case that needed pro-bono work, this is one of them.

The only light at the end of the tunnel is in the tiny third article on page 12A. The WI DPI has requested documents from Janesville to find out if Wolczak engaged in immoral conduct as defined in the statutes. It's not a formal investigation until the DPI determines it is possible that the jerk engaged in immoral conduct. The formal investigation could then lead to a revocation of his administrator's license. I was really glad to read this. The thing that bugged me the most about the district caving on this was that he is now free to seek a position with another unsuspecting school district and inflict his misogynist ways on other teachers. If the DPI can pull his license, this won't come to pass. We can only hope.

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