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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swim Team Co-op?

The Evansville School Board will be met with a pretty big attendance at the January 23 meeting in which they will discuss "looking into" the possibility of a co-op with Edgerton starting next year. This is great news for all those (over 70) Blue Shark families. We have an Olympic quality athlete on our team who laps people without one indication of effort on her part. It is a thing of beauty to watch her swim.

In the interest of the whole story, I so wish this could happen. My kids have been on swim team for ten years. The program has grown so in the last few years and one of the strongest proponents could sell ice to an Eskimo, as my mom would have said. They are only looking at girls team as we are a bit shy in girls WIAA sports. Having competed with Edgerton, it's possible we would have more on our team than they have on theirs! We completely overshadow the summer swim team for sure.

Of course, every dollar has been spoken for about 5 times already. The chances of the school board passing this is somewhere between slim and none, I'm afraid, as it would involve out - go to Edgerton for use of their pool facilities/prorating of the expenses...

The team and parents will likely show up in large numbers, as I recall what they did when the city discussed doubling swim team participation rates after doubling it the previous year. Sort of filled the council chambers. At least then the board will know the numbers of kids they are dealing with. And there's a steady stream coming from age 5 and up, so continuation of the sport will be likely. It's nice to see the board willing to look at it, anyway.


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