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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Grief This is Crazy

Click on the link to read about a disturbing new trend in superintendents job-hopping to increase salaries which has forced some districts to write in bonuses in the contracts in order to retain their superintendents and maintain continuity. Evansville is undergoing a superintendent search. The cost is high, but worth it from the perspective of using a firm that has contacts in the industry and able to find the right person that their homework tells them district stakeholders are looking for. We country bumpkins aren't used to Superintendents who consider themselves like CEOs. Hell, I'm still not sure where the CEOs get off considering themselves so far above the rest of humanity.

I know the article makes that analogy, and truly effective superintendents may in fact be like CEOs. I disagree with the premise that anybody should have to pay bribery money to keep good employees employed. I have never been of the opinion that anybody deserves such "golden handcuffs" as they're dubbing it in the article. They are paid handsomely for their work. A friend of ours manages a plant with a similar sized budget and gets paid 20% less than our superintendent, has a much less lucrative retirement plan and pays a HECK of a lot more for his dental and health packages. And isn't paid with taxpayer funds.

So, I hope and pray this ridiculous practice doesn't make its way to little Evansville. Paying extortion so people won't job hop is obtuse. Among other words I could use but won't...

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