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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Election Coverage in the Review;Recap Here Like Last Year

Ah, the smell of elections is in the air. I will once again be running a series of articles in The Evansville Review introducing the School Board Candidates to our readers. I will discuss with Kelly if I can place the entire series on my blog the week prior to the election, as I did last year. In this way, I am not competing with my source of revenue. Also, folks who miss an edition can recap and review their information prior to the election in April.

School board is very busy working through the process to search for a new district administrator. There was a meeting last night to summarize the results of board, administration, staff and select community input to what is sought in an administrator. I wasn't able to attend the meeting and hope to have additional information soon. I believe Nancy Hurley will be sending an article to the Review about progress thus far.

The Education foundation is just about ready to hit the ground running as well.

This Saturday, there is a meeting scheduled to discuss the budget. The board will be walked through the budget using current budget methodology helping them to transition from methods used previously. There will also be a summary of the Baird Budget forecast model used to predict next year's 1.6 million dollar deficit.

As we enter another election season, I urge all my readers to become informed. Read everything you can get your hands on and verify verify verify. Look at sources you disagree with as well as your favorite news sources. Even when, as with me, those sources you disagree with make you cringe to watch or read.

Being an informed voter is much more difficult than what most politicians expect you to do, accept the pablum unquestioningly. What with this being a presidential election year, the spring election is just a primer for the fun to come this fall. It is exhausting to inform oneself. Keep the faith and know that it's so much more fulfilling to be able to not only recognize the names on the ballot but know which ones support the agenda you would like to see result from your vote.

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