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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Expanding on Chasin's Post on 4K

I can't blinking figure out how to comment on Chasin's blog anymore, so I'll expand on her posting on 4K here. Sorry chasin'. I'm not trying to steal your thunder. A lot of people don't grasp that from the moment that little bundle of joy draws a breath, and even before, he or she is a sponge for information. Sitting in a classroom is not the only way children are educated. When you read to your child, they learn more than reading. You are willing to spend time with them to share a love of the printed word. You interact with them. "What color is her hat? Is the puppy BIG or SMALL?" All of this teaches. Baking cookies with them teaches infinitely more than learning fractions in school. Taking them with you to the grocery store begins a lifetime of connections. Pictures on food with printed word, printed word on the list corresponding to the one on the food. WOW, people. You are your child's preschool, whether you're ready or not. Step up to the task and DO IT! AND, just because your kid sits in 4K every day doesn't guarantee that they will learn. It must be important to you for the child to have a chance at a love for learning. It all starts at home. Everyone is capable of providing this love of learning at home. It's only a matter of priorities. It doesn't take a lot of money or formal education to instill a work ethic that includes lifelong love of learning. I still love it and I'm an old bat now. My mother and dad read to me and we read to our kids from the time they were babies. My daughters read to the kids they babysit for. One of them has a friend in the child development class at school. Her friend came back from observing a toddler/baby room at a local child care facility absolutely appalled that the teacher read to the babies with headphones on and was grumpy the whole time. Now, the parents of these babies are paying plenty to provide a quality preschool experience for their kids. Do you think they are getting it? Of course not. I reiterate, just because they are in a formal program does not guarantee a kid will get an education. It's up to you. It always has been.

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Anonymous said...

No thunder stolen. I appreciate the fact you took the time to comment on this.

I am not sure what the problem is , but you are not the first to comment of late that signing in can be a problem I sent a email to wordpress asking for help.

As you can see I am absolutely amazed how some people just think they are entitled.

My friend in Albany, her son went to 4k two years ago. She will even admit, its nothing that can not be done at home.

Your kids never had 4k, and they do quite well if I am not mistaken. It's all in the attitude of the parents. From the discussions you and I have had its clear you and your husband put education on the top of the list for your kids, but you did it with out 4k.

I can think of several current school board members whose kids never had 4K whose kids do quite well, and they never had 4k.

Take a good look at Albany, yes they have 4k, but what a financial mess they are in. That school also seriously lacks in other areas. They have quite a mess over there.

My parents were always reading to us, and teaching us by daily activities not by shipping us off to school at the ripe age of 4.

I remember the time spent with my parents doing some of these things, cooking, looking and talking about about the different planets( my dad had this wonderful telescope.)

My parents did these things yet they both worked. We had a dairy farm growing up they both worked. Plus my dad worked at G.M., and My mom at the Monroe Times and then bakery here in town.

Lets not forget to mention, teaching Sunday school and directing the choir. So they were very busy people.

But they always took the time to spend showing and teaching us things, reading was huge in our house.

So these parents who think they have it so hard, because they work. That is no excuse for not teaching and spending the time with your own child.

It was all small things, but they were done on a daily basis.

I remember those times. They are memories I will always cherish.

I am just floored by those who want to dump there kids into the school system even earlier than they have to go.

Those looking for a free hand out. For some one to pay for their daycare.