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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/13/10 School Board Meeting at 4:30 p.m.

Click on the post to view the agenda for Monday night's board meeting. Note the early start time of 4:30 p.m. There is a 7 p.m. choir concert at the high school and the early start time is intended to enable board members (the majority of whom have kids in the high school choirs) and administrators the opportunity to attend the concert.

There are a number of items of note on the agenda for discussion. Most controversial is 4K. The open enrollment class size limitations will be proposed and the program based budgeting parameters will be introduced. I hope they finish the business by 6:45 because I also have a kid in choir.

If any of the agenda items pique your curiosity, I encourage you to attend the meeting if you can.


Anonymous said...

Any idea what the 4k is doing back on the agenda?


Anonymous said...

I have a qs. for you.. Seriously. Is Kelly telling you what you can and can not print in your newspaper articles? She very much limited Tami in what she could right about the school, and if the school did not want it written it did not get done. Because the school is one of the papers biggest advertisers/notices.

IF MICHAEL were not to run at the end of his term, I would hope you would.

Katy said...

To Chasin: A citizen at the August (I think, maybe Sept.) board meeting asked the board to reassess offering 4K in our district. That is why it has come back on the agenda.

To Anonymous:
I cannot comment as to what Kelly did or did not let the previous reporter cover. Every idea I have had Kelly has been supportive of. I try to let the facts speak for themselves in a balanced way in the paper. People can draw their own conclusions for the most part. I am required to report facts and be objective. I believe I have been successful in that endeavor. People who know me understand that my reporter gig differs from my blog gig in that essential way. I'm able to editorialize here because I don't have any editor. Kelly is the last word for her own publication, but she has not discouraged any of my articles thus far.

For the record, I'm having a lot more fun as a reporter than I did as a board member. I get paid weekly instead of once a year like on the board. I feel like I am bringing more information to the public this way and don't get waylaid at the Pig for some transgression or another. The comments so far have been very positive from the public and the school district.