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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) to Convene September 9 at 6:30 PM in the TRIS LMC

I got an email from Jerry Roth, district administrator, inviting me to attend the first meeting to establish the CAC. I presume every parent in the district got one. This committee is supposed to

"consist of community members, parents, staff and school administration for the purpose of reviewing, researching and making a recommendation to the School Board with respect to upgrade/improvement options:
·         Curriculum and instruction
·         Technology
·         Communications
·         District facilities
·         Operational funding
·         Athletics and co-curricular activities "

Last I checked, the board and administration spent a lot of money and time doing just this in 2010- 11. They already have the Vision Statement that resulted from that effort and the data to create a strategic plan but  the current administrator refuses to use the data because he didn't "have buy in" to the process (control issues much?), so of course it isn't useful data. So now we have to do this all over again? What an egotistical moroon. Use the data you have and tweek it with current input. This is such a cluster f*&k. I am appalled that all the effort that went into creating the Vision Statement three years ago is being thrown out the window. I'm going to go to this meeting and say these words, perhaps in a more refined way, perhaps not. It is the height of hubris to believe that since you did not champion a process, its product is flawed. He'd rather waste more resources, repeat effort and piss citizens off for not listening to them the first time around. "Jayzuz, Mary and Joseph!" as my Irish grandmother would have said. Or, "Saints presarve us!" Divine intervention will be required to set this administration straight, that much is clear. 

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