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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thank you to all my steadfast supporters!

I lost the election, which is likely not news to anybody at this point. Spanton and Busse got 861 and 683. I was a distant 3rd with 566 and Schmidt got 320 votes. A friend pointed out that people get what they want. I cannot argue with that. I had planned to have a party soonish if I won a seat on the board. Maybe I should still have one anyway. Perhaps I'll feel a little more festive in a few weeks.

Nancy Hurley's decision to move on leaves a huge void on the board. Even though I am not as classy or as kind and thoughtful as she is, I thought I was the best candidate to try to fill Nancy Hurley'shoes. I would not have spent ad and flier money or walked countless miles in the freezing cold otherwise. Nor would I have invented the new Frozen Tundra Sign Installation Kit (patent pending) or spent all those hours preparing for and sitting through school board meetings informing myself of the issues at hand if I didn't believe that I was the best candidate.

There have been allegations of spendthrift ways lobbed at my campaign and I feel compelled to address them here. I'd like to point out that my 50 signs were purchased in late 2006 and have been used for 3 campaigns now. Amortized over 6 years, they cost $50 dollars a year, but the full amount of $300 was charged to my 2007 campaign. My entire campaign this year cost less than $250, including coffee at one forum and donuts at another.  Just thought folks would want the real story on my campaign finances.

Special thanks go out to my blog friends Chasinthenews (http://Chasinthenews.com) and Evansville Observer (http://evansvilleobserver.blogspot.com/) for their unwavering commitment, my ad artist Mindy Roys and the people who endorsed me, Karen Aikmann, Bill Connors and Joan Sorteberg. You guys rock!

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