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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Look for the press release in the Review regarding public comment session on the budget.

Last night Jerry Roth discussed when the public comment session on the budget proposals would be held. Tentative plans are for April 18 (Thursday) from 6:30 - 8:00 PM in the TRIS LMC. If you have some words  of wisdom to impart to the administration, please plan to attend or email your favorite administrator today. I asked staff members at the meeting last night if Mr. Roth is coming to their meetings and was told me he was going to attend their staff meeting this week at grove campus. I heard through the grapevine that the "listening session" at the middle school consisted of him telling them, "I'm going to recommend Option 2." Nice listening there, Jer. Way to go. And he wonders why staff didn't bring him their information that they inundated the board with. Hmm. After pointing out that if the admin produces a budget for the board without presenting it to employees first so they can help maximize the chances for success, they will be right back where they were last night, admin decided that the staff will be the first to see the final product at the April 24 staff meeting. The board will see the draft proposal on April 29 and decisions can be made in time for the June 5 layoff due to budget deadline. That was probably one of my biggest bones of contention regarding this complete FUBAR. The deadline for layoffs due to enrollment declines is April 15. A group of competant educators ought to be able to do this without aggravating all 140 teachers in one fell swoop. The budget dependent layoff notification deadline is June 5. Per contracts signed last January. Dolts. As always, carry on school board. You guys are overworked and seriously underpaid for all the grief you get from all comers. Keep you chins up and most of all, stay steadfast to your guiding principles.

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