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Monday, February 4, 2013

Thank you blog friends!

I want to take the time to thank my blog friends Chasinthenews and Evansville Observer for generously covering my school board campaign. You guys rock. I don't have the Observer linked on my blog anymore because every time I try to link it, some Indonesian blog gets posted instead. Don't know why and keep forgetting to mention this to my friend. I don't want to post much about my board views on this blog because I don't want to see the fiasco happen that unfolded last year when a candidate opened a FB page and it ended up very controversial. So, check out Chasin's blog and Observer's blog (Evansvilleobserver.blogspot.com) to see some of my views. Kelly Gildner is featuring two questions for each candidate in The Review this week as well! My plea is for all voters to inform themselves regarding the issues facing the district and the candidates' platforms to help face those issues. I do believe that once folks are informed of these things, they will choose me as one of their two choices in April, otherwise I wouldn't be running for the office. Arm yourself with data and then go vote on April 2! This has been a public service message brought to you by Melissa Hammann for Evansville Community School District Board of Education!

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