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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Media Need to Know Superintendent Applicants a Mystery to Me

Last year Evansville had the same issue as Madison found themselves in this week in which only one candidate ending up passing the board review to the final community meeting. It baffles me why the media wants to publish the names of the ones who don't pass the board's final criteria. Do they want to embarrass the ones who don't make the cut? Do they think they are more qualified to vet the candidates than the board and the search firm that they hired? Or are they just interested in causing drama? The case of the Madison School Board not having a well-vetted candidate is something they need to take up with the search firm and arguably becomes subject to open records because a lot of taxpayer funds were spent for this firm to present viable candidates. However, the names of those that didn't make it to the final cut are not anybody's business and could be problematic for their longevity in their current jobs. I will never see how this becomes an issue of open records.

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