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Friday, August 3, 2012

Now that's what I call ironic!

With apologies to whichever Pirates of the Caribbean movie that's from, I am compelled to direct your attention to the placement regarding tax news in the Janesville Gazette on August 3, 2012. On about page 5 or so of the Sports section, one finds a summary of the outraged bipartisan politicians demanding that Olympic medalists be exempt from paying taxes on their medal stipends the Olympic committee gives them. I haven't filled out tax forms in years because it's sort of like an Olympic sport for my husband. But back in the times when I did, I know there was some minimum amount below which one didn't pay taxes. And let's face it NONE of those sports are cheap so their expenses MUST exceed the pittance the OC gives these folks. Yes, taxes should be levied, but realistically none of those kids will pay much until they score those big sponsorship contracts, which ought to be pretty quick for the likes of Gabby Douglas (She's so cute! I saw her for the first time at these Olympics and I told Bill she reminded me of Mary Lou Retton with that million dollar smile. Then I saw her balance beam back flip twisty thingy-that's the technical term-and knew she was the real deal.)

Situated on flip side of that page, mere microns separating it from the outraged politician article, is an article about how identity theft is responsible for over 5 billion dollars in false tax reimbursements being sent to thieving bastards who often set up direct payments into the same bank account. Hmmm. Wonder if those blinking politicos are outraged about that? I know I am. Eyes on the prize, ya dorks. Maybe if you didn't sent billions of dollars to frauds you could afford to exempt Olympic athletes from paying taxes on their paltry stipends! That is all.

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