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Friday, August 10, 2012

Cheerleading Not a Sport: Federal Court

Click on the link below to see that Quinnipiac University in Connecticut has been issued a smack down in federal court. They cut their volleyball team to fund the cheerleading squad, but got sued by the team on the basis of Title IX. Huh. Not so fast, said the court. Cheerleading is not a varsity sport and you are out of compliance in Title IX. Sort of like our own district trying to say that, with the addition of a girls' swim team, they now offer more sports opportunities for girls than they do for boys "if you include poms and cheer."  OK then. This is the same guy, who during the great poms debacle of 2009, said poms wasn't a WIAA sanctioned sport and the school could tell them exactly what to wear and it shouldn't look like it belongs on a street corner in the red light district. Ah, yes. It's amazing what can spew from a mouth that can speak out of both sides at the same time.


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