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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Technical Problems Kicked My Butt

For reasons only computer whizzes can fathom, the html was completely screwed up in the first half of my long posting, which I made by copying and pasting all five of my articles together. I fixed most of it and it reverted to the complete blobform it started out as, and I had to do it all over again. That's why my "Meet the Candidates" post was so late. Hope you enjoyed it. I started a rant and checked myself at the beginning of the post. I may return to it some day. Vote April 5. It will be my boring mantra until election day. I am pretty passionate about voting. Ever since my college boyfriend's brother-in-law lost an election by one vote in an election I forgot to vote in, I have prioritized voting whenever I can. It also became pretty important to me after I took a course in college on the history of women in America. Learning the history of women's sufferage makes me ashamed when I'm tempted to blow off voting for whatever selfish reason I have at the time. Finally, I remember my own motto: If you don't like how things are, don't just stand there and bitch. When you're done with all the complaining, DO something about it! Voting is one way to accomplish this task. According to current wisdom, voting in the upcoming election may be a way to fell a counterstrike at Scott Walker by voting out his judge buddy. I have more research to do on this issue, but it's entirely possible that that could happen. It would be a shame if a good judge lost his job because an idiot is governor. The ads have been hot and heavy, and I have to verify a few things, but if Prosser is culpable for one particularly egregious claim against him, I will also vote to boot his butt. Oh, and if any of you computer gurus out there can tell my why the html fails on stuff I copy and paste from Word, I'd be grateful for both the reason and a solution. I probably should have borrowed my daughter's scanner and scanned the $%&*()ing things in. Ah well, live and learn.


Catherine Smith said...

Melissa, thank you for posting this. I don't get the Review and this was crucial to me getting to read the candidate's stats. I'm taking this info to the polls :)

Katy said...

You're very welcome. The idea to add this information to my blog came about during a brainstorming session in which great minds once again proved that 1+1+1 is much more than 3 when coffee is involved. I had asked my readers here to give me ideas for the Meet the Candidate series, asked my friends and then asked them if a series of articles would be the best way to proceed. It was suggested that I post it all on my blog as a follow-up. I ran the idea past Kelly, since she asked me specifically when I started working for her, to please not blog what she pays me for. She said posting the candidate info was OK with her as long as I waited until the entire series was published first. Then I could run the blog the week before the election. I did a lot of leg work up front to get it to all work out timewise. I hope people feel well informed. I hate voting in a vacuum, so presumed my readers would too.