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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Little Help Here!

Does anybody know why the #%^&*( Html won't format my posts? I've been working for 2 straight days to generate a post on WKCE data and am stumped on why my Html formatting won't stay with my postings. This time I entered it all throught the blog site and still have suffered html losses. Surely there is an expert who could help me (in small words as I am not a computer savvy kinda person). Look for my post on Evansville WKCE results in the next day or so. I've been in Data Heaven the last few days and can tell you I am literally bleary eyed from staring at it. The thing about these projects I interject myself into is that I'll start looking at the data one way, then that will make me think of a better, more effective way of looking at the data. And then there are the federal regulations for calculating such things as Adequate Yearly Progress and other governmentese. And none of my brainstorms ever coincides with what educators want to communicate. But it's fun for me. No, Really! I'm serious. I like doing this stuff. Numbers speak to me. Data is my friend. So, look for a few hundred of my friends on this site in the next day or so...

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