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Monday, September 27, 2010

ECSD Annual Meeting Tonight! Come on Down!

Click on the post for a link to the materials provided at the annual meeting tonight. This is your chance to vote on board members' salaries, vote on raising your mill rate by 9.25% (the property values are only expected to drop by 2.1%, not the 3% I used in my original post), and have your voice heard on these and other issues. Every member of the ECSD school district has a say and a vote. If you don't participate in the process, you have no right to complain later. (Melissa's first law of politics). Please join us tonight at 7pm in the High School Media Room for a lively meeting. OK, that might be a stretch to call it lively, but it will be instructive and they provide you a copy of the budget to scrutinize while it's discussed. It makes it so much easier when a hard copy is available to look at while they discuss particular line items.

See you tonight.

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