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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Breaking News From the Observer! Youth Center Board Unanimously Recommends Staying Under City Budget This Year

Click on the post to hear the audio from the Observer Blog regarding the Youth Center Board Decision. They have decided not to seek placing the Youth Center funding under the auspicies of the School District using Fund 80 to fund outside of the revenue caps at this time. It sounds like they are planning to come forward to be included in the program based budgeting process for next year, and that's an appropriate place for them to start the process of Fund 80 discussions. I still plan to attend the Annual Meeting on September 27th just in case they decide to change their mind, or if the two board members who voted to place it on the Annual Meeting Agenda decide to do so, I will be there for my rebuttal.

I'm working on a post regarding "School Finance 101: School Budgets for the Layperson" in preparation for the Annual Meeting on September 27th.

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