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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mark your calendar: "Regular School Board Meeting" July 12 at 5:30 in the new Board Room and Training Center

NOTICE: Amended post complete with agenda for July 12th. Just click on the link.

I thought the new Board Meeting location (Mrs. Feeney's old classroom) was just for "committee meetings of the whole," but it looks like it's a permanent move to this site. I made it to the last meeting just in time for a discussion of policy and the room was brutally hot and stifling at 7:40pm. This was on a relatively cool (70s) day on which I was shivering after water aerobics class. I was unprepared because I wore capris and three quarter length sleeves because I was so cold after swimming. WHEW! I should have known better because one of our kids had Mrs. Feeney for a teacher and she often complained about how hot it was in there. So if you plan to attend, dress for the sweltering conditions and bring a water bottle!

Action items this month include approval of administrative and non-represented contracts, the new late start day twice a month at the high school, several policies, bond and much more. Discussion items include student achievement results/end of year goals and the second reading of several policies including policy 457 Suicide Prevention/Intervention as well as its companion policy 457.1. No date has been placed on the agenda for the Annual Meeting. It is often the last Monday in August, but may change because that should be the committee of the whole date now. We may not know that date until the July 26 committee meeting.

I'll keep you posted on that date. Remember, it's a time when every citizen of Evansville has a vote on the mill rate. Attend if you can!


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