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Monday, July 30, 2012

School Board Meeting tonight at 6:30

Click on the link to view the agenda for tonight's meeting. There'll be a review of the budget and numerous policies necessary to do business in the absence of a union, some of which will be approved tonight.  There seems to be a few more resignations and some co-curricular contracts to approve as well.

My woman on the ground Chasin' has also noted that the new open enrollment law has effectively enabled every parent the option to enroll their kid wherever they want whenever they want. There is a lot of positive for this, but the huge downside is learning how to budget in such times. It's like trying to juggle fire, knives and alligators all at once. Huge cut in state funding, 10% more loss in federal aid than anticipated by the loss in ARRA funds and now completely unpredictable open enrollment whenever. I'm going to ask my contacts if they are aware of this clause in the new order and how it has effected their planning process. It should be interesting!

Hope this posts OK. I'm having tech. problems with my blog access. Source, unknown, but likely myself.


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