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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Posted wrong start time. Sorry about that!

Well, for heaven sake. I completely biffed on the school board meeting start time on Monday. Arrived an hour late just in time for a rousing discussion on co- and extra-curricular contracts. Thank God I made it to that discussion. I have seen board members ask questions about this since I was elected to the board in 2007. Five years of asking the same question with similar recalcitrant results. See my article in next week's Review.

Pre-view for the article: Sparks flew and unnecessarily incendiary language was used by administration to portray a simple board request/comment as a wholesale indictment of student activities and the intention of the board to cut them willy nilly, which was not and never has been suggested.  The question was asked as to why the activity coach/advisor contracts remained relatively unscathed while core curriculum underwent a serious fund-ectomy. Here's another fine mess for Jerry Roth to inherit. He will have his hands full, there is no doubt about it. I hope they don't think that poor man can walk on water or something. My expectations are set lower, for a simple breath of fresh air and true interest in evaluating all the data, not just the data that supports your bias. On both sides of any question. Time to grow up, school district administrators.

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