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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's long, but all in one place...

Okay, I'll admit that the candidate series all in one blog posting is really long. There were a few glitches in the font that I wasn't aware of and the danged layout was a bit compromised, but I was able to do it all at one fell swoop, which beat the heck out of the process last year, so I'm getting a bit more savvy.

I'm looking for input as to how folks are leaning in this race. As a reporter for the Review, I have permission from Kelly to post this on my blog. I told her it would increase coverage for the election, which is my primary objective in doing the series in the first place. I am happy for her blessing and happy to provide as much information as I can for folks to help them decide which two candidates they believe will do best for Evansville School District.

Next week, I'll do something I haven't ever done for an election since Kelly gave me a chance as a reporter. I'll don my editor's hat and make recommendations for the school board race. I'll post it here but not in the paper. I'll give everyone a week to digest the candidate series before I tell why I'm recommending my top candidates beginning March 26. If you have any input about your favorite candidate, send it my way. Stay tuned!

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