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Monday, November 14, 2011

School Board Packet

Well, I was gone this weekend and biffed on posting the link to the packet. It's always late anyway, and this month was no different, not getting packets before the weekend to review has been a bit hectic. I linked to the whole packet so you can see all the data that is being reviewed tonight. They throw all the achievement data at the board at once: MAP, WKCE, AP, ACT, PLAN, EXPLORE and if that doesn't make your eyes glaze over in sheer data blitz-krieg fashion, they're throwing in a few ways to look at the budget that is entirely foreign to everyone involved. If that doesn't get them, then the "analysis" by the superintendent regarding enrollment, funding and equalized property values compared to like-sized districts, conference mates and other local districts will be the kill shot. I call this the annual data-blitz meeting. Usually, it's only achievement data. This year, to add a bit of spice to life, they've included budget and enrollment "trends" to the mix. Last year, the board asked them not to do all the data at once again, as it is overwhelming to look at all the data at one time. "Could we get this in smaller chunks next time?" Apparently not.

It will be interesting to me what topics come up for discussion and which ones will become a "back burner" item due to sheer volume of data being sifted through? Based on what I choose to cover in the paper, I'll address the other items here. There's more than enough to go around!

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