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Monday, August 29, 2011

School Board Meets August 30 at 7:40 AM for Contract Approvals

Click on the post to view the agenda for a meeting scheduled at 7:40 AM on Tuesday morning August 30. They will be approving a 50% parental leave contract for Marissa Hansen (high school guidance counselor) and a football coaching stipend at the middle school. The meeting is scheduled at this ungodly hour because the staff breakfast will be that morning and apparently a quorum of the school board plans to be present as well.


Anonymous said...

Who pays for this breakfast?

Anonymous said...

I wish you would put more on your blog. Because many people do not subscribe to the review.

chasin ( insert sad face here.)

Katy said...

I believe the breakfast was provided by several local businesses, if I recall from my articles in the Review about the strategic planning sessions that day.

To Chasin': I have an agreement with Kelly Gildner not to compete with the Review articles I write here on the blog. I know I haven't kept up on my blog this year at all. I'm really sorry. I feel compelled to cover the most controversial or high profile items in the paper and have to wait to cover them here. I'll see if I can balance this better from here on out!