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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well, no wonder it's so complicated...

Click on the post to link to "explanatory notes" regarding the calculations that determine achievement of AYP. I failed to take into account the students performing at the "basic" level, which get counted as a half. I'm working through the calculations to prove it to myself right now, but historical data from last year is not easily accessible, to see the baseline. In addition, every administrator in Wisconsin seems to be using the system and it keeps locking up or booting me out.

Again, I apologize to the district and my readers for jumping the gun on TRIS's AYP status. It's not simply a measure of the percent of students who meet proficient and advanced, as one would get from a perfunctory reading of the standards. I am relieved that TRIS has met AYP this year. After I do my own calculations, I will know by how much. There's also a category called "Safe Harbor" for districts/schools that have shown improvement but not met standards. It could be we fall into this group, but I won't know until I do the math. Based on how recalcitrant the WINSS system is right now, it could take a while for me to access the raw data. More later.


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